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“Burn calories and increase muscle strength in the same workout at the same time…10 minutes a day…”

Vibration Platform is a platform that you stand on which produces vibrations offering a stimulus to the body. The energy is safely and effectively transferred to your body, stimulating every cell – your muscles, your bones and your soft tissue. The body reacts involuntarily with multiple muscle contractions in order to re-balance you on the plate.  The quick movement of the platform also increases the “g” force of the body. As acceleration increases, your body will feel like it weighs more thus mimicking weight-bearing exercise. The result is less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons when compared to regular resistance training.

How does the vibration platform work?

Traditional whole body vibration machines work with what is called Harmonic Motion, which moves the user in an up and down motion on the platform with a relatively high amount of amplitude, which refers to the actual physical distance of movement.  The number of times that the machine platform actually moves in one second is referred to as the frequency and is measured in Hz.  Most machines will have a low frequency and a high amplitude which is good for individuals that are looking for weight loss ability.

The other common type of vibration plate machines utilize Linear Motion, which moves the platform forward and back and side to side and is often used to help build muscle strength.  The way to achieve increased muscle strength is to use a machine that has very low amplitude but has a much higher frequency of motion (Hz).



When you workout you are targeting one muscle group at a time.  However, when you are on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, 97% of all muscles are engaged and forced to respond at once just to keep you stable.  Couple this with also working under a much greater “g” force, your health and fitness results are accelerated.  Add weights, resistance bands, etc. and your body is working much harder than it would on stable ground.

Who should use the vibration platform?

There are health benefits possible for everyone from the very young to the elderly.  Whole Body Vibration machines are also a great alternative for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, but do not have the time for a lengthy work-out three or more times a week.  However, you don’t have to be an athlete or in need of physical therapy to benefit from using Whole Body Vibration machines.